Speaker Biographies

Christoph Brunner

President of it4power & Convenor
IEC TC 57 WG10

Christoph Brunner graduated as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1983. He is a Utility Industry professional with over 25 years of industry experience with both knowledge across several areas within the Utility Industry and of technologies from the Automation Industry. He is president of it4power in Switzerland, a consulting company to the power industry. He has worked as a project manager at ABB Switzerland Ltd in the business area Power Technology Products in Zurich / Switzerland where he was responsible for the process close communication architecture of the substation automation system. He is convenor of the working group (WG) 10 of the IEC TC57 and member of WG 17, 18 and 19 of IEC TC57. He is IEEE Fellow, member of IEEE-PES and IEEE-SA. He is active in several working groups of the IEEE-PSRC (Power Engineering Society – Relay Committee) and member of the PSRC main committee and the subcommittee H. He is international advisor to the board of the UCA international users group.

Grégory Huon

Head of Engineering Governance

Grégory Huon received degrees of Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Institut Supérieur Industriel de Mons, Belgium – 2000) and Master of Science (IT and Management, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium – 2003). Grégory began his career in the Transmission field in 2000.  After an experience as Project Leader (2001-2006) and Team Leader (2006-2008) in infrastructure projects, Gregory was between 2008 and 2012 head of Secondary Systems department (technical governance & expertise level) within Elia TSO in Belgium.   In 2013 Grégory took on responsibility for the infrastructure replacement projects – primary and secondary systems – for the Elia network in Belgium.  In 2015, Grégory took on responsibility for the Engineering Governance department.  Grégory is specialised in infrastructure project management, asset management and secondary systems expertise. Since 2012 Grégory has been leading the ENTSO-E WG on IEC 61850 standard and the Cigré Working Group B5.50 “IEC 61850 Based Substation Automation Systems – Users Expectations and Stakeholders Interactions”.  Grégory is also active within IEC TC57 WG10 as liaison D for ENTSO-E and he convenes the Belgian mirror committee of IEC TC57.  In 2017, Grégory took on the leadership of the Task 7.1 Interoperability of the European Commission funded project “Osmose”.

Rannveig Loken

Project Manager

Rannveig Loeken’s special field of interest is protection and control for the transmission system. She is currently the project manager in Statnett for an R&D project related to Digital substation. She has many years’ experience from her position as Head of the Control and Protection section in Statnett. Since 2012 Rannveig has been the secretary of CIGRÉ Study Commitee B5. In addition, the work in CIGRÉ Working groups is of great interest, she is currently a member of WG B5.53. In addition, she is in the Advisory board of PAC world, Committee member of DPSP, and Member of International Advisory Committee APA.

Mohd Iqbal Ridwan

Principal Researcher (System Automation)
TNB Research Sdn Bhd

Mr. Mohd Iqbal bin Ridwan is currently Principal Researcher (System Automation) in TNB Research Sdn Bhd. He received his Bsc. Degree from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan in 2005 and MBA from University Tenaga Nasional in 2018. He has been with Tenaga Nasional Berhad for 13 years. His research interests include; IEC 61850 based Substation Protection, Automation and Control; Smart Grid; Reliability Engineering. He is involved as corresponding member in the following international technical committees; CIGRE WG B5.59 “Requirements for Near-Process Intelligent Electronic Devices”; CIGRE WG B5.53 “Test Strategy for Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) functions in a full digital substation based on IEC 61850 applications”; North America IEC 61850 Process Bus User Task Force. He received the Best Promising Researcher award by TNB Research Sdn Bhd in 2013. He also has authored and presented more than 25 technical papers and journals throughout his career

Byung Tae Jang

Principal Researcher

Byungtae Jang received his B.S degree in electrical engineering from Busan National University, Korea in 1990. His research interests are protective relaying, Substation Automation System. He has been working in KEPCO since 1990. He is currently a Principal researcher at KEPCO research institute. He is in charge of development of testing tools for IEC 61850 system and substation restoration

Peter Rümenapp

Team Leader, Control and Automation Technology
Amprion GmbH

Mr. Rümenapp studied electrical engineering with specialization in automation at the University of Applied Sciences Hagen. He has more than 35 years’ professional experience in power generation and transportation. Mr. Rümenapp is an employee of the secondary technology department at Amprion GmbH. Within the department, he is team leader for the field of control and automation technology. He is also Information Security Manager for the area of secondary technology. Mr. Rümenapp has been involved in information security for more than 10 years as part of his work. Amprion has been operating an ISMS in accordance with ISO / IEC 27000 since March 2010. One of the many rules outlined is, that all new technologies of secondary systems that are integrated into the process network must be audited according to BDEW white papers. In this respect, Amprion has formulated a separate chapter “IT Security” for the tendering of a new substation automation system based on IEC 61850 in 2014

David MacDonald

System Monitoring Lead Engineer

David works for Iberdrola Distribution, a leading distribution network operator in Spain and early adopter of substation automation systems. His role is to provide technical and asset management support to the Protection team, where he specializes in disturbance analysis and is also involved in the standardization of IEC 61850 across the business. He received his MEng degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Strathclyde, before joining Scottish Power in 2009 and consequently Iberdrola Distribution in 2012


Zigor Ojinaga

Industrialisation Project Leader
Iberdrola Distribucion

Zigor Ojinaga joined Iberdrola Distribucion (IBDE) in 1997 and has worked in different distribution areas, such as, Remote Control Systems (SCADA, DMS) and MV automation. Since 2009 he has been technical responsible of the Star project, an ambitious deployment that has successfully transformed technology in the field of Smart Grids. He is currently leading the definition of the Substation Automation System within the Processes & Technologies department at IBDE.

Priyanka Mohapatra

Senior Project Manager
SP Energy Networks

Priyanka Mohapatra is currently working as RIIO T2 Innovation Lead at SP Energy Networks. She previously led, and was involved in, the conceptualisation of several innovation projects enhancing grid observability, controllability and standardisation of digital technologies. Prior to joining SPEN, Priyanka was working with Siemens AG for 8 years. She started at Siemens Ltd., India as an electrical engineer before moving to Siemens AG Global R&D, Germany working as a software developer and project manager for SCADA, EMS, DMS systems. She then worked with Siemens Protection Devices Ltd., UK as a product owner and senior engineer designing and developing protection devices. Priyanka holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and an MSc. in Renewable Energy Systems Technology.

René Troost

AM Grid Strategist

René Troost, graduated as an Electrical Engineer, and started his career in Telecommunications. He has an extended experience of over ten years in the modern Substation Automation business. In 2014 René joined Stedin, the DSO in the Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht area of The Netherlands. René oversees the Substation Automation policy at Stedin and is an active member of the Dutch mirror committee of the IEC TC57 (NEC57) and the TC57 WG10 dealing with power system IED communication and associated data models. He is an expert in the domains of Protection, Automation, Control and Telecommunication and fulfils several roles.

Anne van der Molen

Technology Officer

Anne van der Molen is grid strategist for the Dutch DSO Stedin He joined Stedin in 2011 to help develop Stedin’s emergence as digital DSO. In the past five years, he has been involved in strategy planning and asset management, distribution automation programs and programs around digital asset lifecycle management, analytics and digital grid operations. Anne has represented Stedin in several national task forces and is member of EDSO’s technology committee. Previously, Anne worked as solution manager and strategic product manager for a major telecoms equipment and services company.  He holds a Msc degree in Electrical Engineering.

Nikolay Ignatovski

Engineer in Automation – Substation Automation System

Nikolay Ignatovski received his MS degree in Electrical Engineering and Automatics from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the maintenance and testing of operation, control and protection equipment in power distribution and transmission substations in Bulgaria. In 2001, he started to work as Relay protection and Automation engineer and later he joined the Distribution network operating regimes analysis group at the Sofia city DSO Company. In 2007, he became a member of the “Electrical Power Substations Operation & Maintenance” department at the Bulgarian TSO company “ESO” EAD where he worked as a Power transmission engineer. From 2012, he works as an engineer in Automation – substation automation systems in the TSO’s National Dispatching Center.

Anders Johnsson

Power System Specialist
Vattenfall Eldistribution

Anders Johnsson has more than 20 years’ experience in substation automation, with a focus on IEC 61850 communication. He is the Swedish representative in Cigré study committee B5 Protection and Automation as well as in IEC TC57 and earlier also as convenor of TC88/TC57 joint working group 25 that develops IEC 61850-based standards for wind power. Since 2015 he has, as Power System Specialist at Vattenfall Eldistribution, a coordinating role in the roll-out of a tool-based process based on IEC 61850. Anders Johnsson has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.”

Abhinav Sadu

Research Associate
E.ON Energy Research Centre

Abhinav Sadu received his M.S. degree in electrical engineering and information technology from RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany in 2014, where he is currently working toward his Ph.D. degree with the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, E.ON Energy Research Center. Abhinav is currently employed as Research Associate at E.ON Energy Research Centre, RWTH  Aachen. His current research interests include design of monitoring and automation systems for active distribution grids, IEC 61850 based automation, grid resiliency studies and modelling of complex power systems.

Sander Jansen

Data Architect

At the Alliander IT department, Sander takes a role as data architect and is involved in the use of IEC CIM and IEC 61850. Sander had multiple positions within Alliander on the edge of electrical technology and IT/OT. Being a strong open source believer, Sander consults in the use of open source within the energy world. He is convinced that open source can help to make the energy grid more reliable, innovative, secure, flexible and sustainable, all resulting in a lower cost for society.

Ronald Poosen

Team Leader Secondary Systems in Electrical Networks

Ronald Poosen has a Bachelor in Process control automation, and a Master in Automation,  electrical power networks. In 2008 Ronald undertook a research project on Automation in Smart Grids, Microgrids at the University of Hasselt. In 2010 he explored Automation – Industrial networks (profibus-profinet) at ACRO, a spin off company related to University Hasselt. In 2012 he became an Engineer for secondary systems in electrical networks (RTU, IED, SCADA, IEC61850) at Infrax (DSO in Belgium). In 2018 he became the Teamleader for secondary systems in electrical networks (RTU, IED, IEC61850, IEC 60870-5-104 at Fluvius.

Paul Hayes

Smart Networks Engineer
ESB Networks

Paul Hayes holds a primary degree in Electrical Engineering from the University College Cork. In previous roles within ESB, Paul has worked in the areas of Load Research, Power Procurement, Wholesale Electricity and Gas Trading, Regulation, Electricity and Gas Demand forecasting, Wholesale Electricity Price Forecasting. Prior to working in ESB Paul worked for Southern Electric (now SSE) in Use of System Charging section and for SEEBOARD in the post privatisation Power purchasing department. Paul is currently a team member of the Smart Networks function within ESB Networks, responsible for all R&D activities and strategic guidance to the utility.

Thomas Schäfer

Board Member

Thomas Studied electrical engineering at the Zittau Technical University and in 1989 received his Degree in Electrical Engineering / Electrical Power Supply. From 1991 to 2008 Thomas worked in operation and system management of German transmission network operators. Since 2009 he was responsible for the technical functions of asset management, network management and customer management within the distribution network operator of the city of Berlin. Since July 2015 Thomas has been Chairman of the Management Board of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH and Vattenfall Vice President of Business Unit Distribution Germany.

Sebastien Krause

Senior Consultant and Head of Security Audits
GAI NetConsult GmbH

Sebastian Krause, worked for more than 20 years for different consulting companies in the areas of information security and IT forensics after his study of communications engineering. Since 2010, Mr. Krause is working with GAI NetConsult GmbH as senior consultant and head of security audits. In this role, he is responsible for technical security audits with a major focus on process control and automation technologies as well as consulting services in terms of information security managements systems based on ISO/IEC 27001. Mr. Krause has conducted security audits of substation automation systems (IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850) as well as SCADA systems of all major vendors in the D-A-CH market based on the BDEW Whitepaper and ISO/IEC 27019.

Charles Newton

President of Newton-Evans Research Company
Newton-Evans Research Company

Charles W. (Chuck) Newton is the President of Newton-Evans Research Company, a firm focused on electric power industry marketing research and technology consulting. Newton-Evans conducts research on grid-related automation and modernization trends, control systems and infrastructure topics.  Key publications provide coverage of trends in control systems, substation automation and grid modernization topics and systems protection each with content which includes coverage of cyber and physical security issues. Prior to launching Newton-Evans Research in 1978, Chuck had been a senior product planner with General Electric Information Systems and earlier with Control Data Corporation.  Chuck began his SCADA work with early military deployment of SCADA technology while serving in the U.S. Army. Chuck received an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University in Maryland and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Fordham University in New York City.   Chuck is a life member of IEEE PES and an active CIGRE member, serving on several working groups related to electric power grid modernization and cyber security efforts.

Gerardo Rebollar

Executive Business Development
GE Energy 

Gerardo Rebollar is currently Executive Business Development Leader within Grid Automation, having completed a seven-year cycle as Substation Automation general manager from 2010. He was leading the operation & development of innovative products, concepts and architectures in the domain of protection and control systems for Digital Substation solutions. Gerardo has 30 years’ experience in both electrical and industrial automation industries. He graduated as Electronic and Communications Engineer and joined Telemecanique in 1988 in the field of power electronics and motor controls. He moved to France in 1992 leading the road map of speed drive controllers. In 2005 he obtained his Executive MBA. In 2007 he was appointed Innovation Vice President in Schneider Toshiba Joint Venture, last position before moving to Areva T&D by 2009 as Gas Insulated Substations marketing and project director. Gerardo is married with two kids and likes aircrafts, sport flying and automotive car design.  He enjoys also playing theater, travel in natural open spaces and visiting historical cities.

Leandro Monaco

Global Product Manager Electrical Control Systems
ABB Industrial Automation – Control Technologies

Leandro Monaco is graduated in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Automation and Control and holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is also post-graduated in Business Management and Marketing by the Administration Institute Foundation, in São Paulo, Brazil. Leandro has more than 10 years’ experience in Process Automation, and since 2009 he has been focused on Electrical Control Systems (ECS) applied to industrial plants, with special attention in the IEC 61850 standard. Having worked as Process Control Engineer at the start of his career and thereafter to Electrical Control Engineer, he led and commissioned more than 25 ECS projects since then, in Oil & Gas and Mining plants. He was Engineering Manager for ECS in ABB Brazil and also was globally responsible for the IEC61850 Center of Excellence for Mining projects in ABB. His experience of both Process and Electrical Control allows him to perfectly understand the needs of an industrial plant regarding electrical systems. In 2014, he joined ABB Sweden to act as Global Product Manager for Electrical Control Systems in the Industrial Automation division. Leandro has published several articles in the area of Electrical Control Systems and IEC 61850 standard.

Fred Steinhauser

IEC 61850 and Digital Substation Expert

Fred Steinhauser studied Electrical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, where he obtained his diploma in 1986 and received a Dr. of Technical Sciences in 1991. In 1998 he joined OMICRON, where he worked on several aspects of testing power system protection. Since 2000 he worked as a product manager with a focus on power utility communication. Since 2014 he has been responsible for the Power Utility Communication business of OMICRON. Fred Steinhauser is a member of WG10 in the TC57 of the IEC and contributes the standard IEC 61850. He is one of the main authors of the UCA Implementation Guideline for Sampled Values (9-2LE). As a member of CIGRÉ he is active within the scope of SC D2 and SC B5. He also contributed to the synchrophasor standards IEEE C37.118.1 and IEEE C37.118.2.

Gilad Bandel

VP Products

In his over 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity and networking industries, Gilad Bandel has held multiple positions in which he was responsible for the conceptualizing, development and marketing of cyber protection devices and solutions for OT networks. Prior to joining Radiflow, Mr. Bandel served as Director of Product Management at CyberSeal. After the company’s acquisition he joined Magal Security, providing cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure. Prior to that Gilad managed the Command and Control division at MER Security. Gilad holds a BSc in Computer Science and Physics from Bar Ilan University.

Andrea Bonetti

Senior Specialist Protection Relay and IEC 61850 Applications
Megger Sweden AB

Andrea Bonetti graduated as electrotechnical engineer at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, in 1993. After five years in ABB Italy as protection engineer, Andrea worked 10 years as HV relay protection specialist at ABB Grid Automation Products in Västerås, Sweden, for relay post-fault analysis, commissioning support, IEC 61850 applications and trainings. From 2008 to 2013 Andrea worked at Megger in Stockholm, as product manager and technical specialist for relay test equipment, dealing with the development of IEC 61850 test set and tools, test algorithms for distance protection and transformer differential protection relays. From 2013 to 2018 Andrea worked as consultant in Relay Protection and IEC 61850 Applications: procurement specification for TSOs, IEC 61850 specification and attendance for FAT/SAT, IEC 61850 troubleshooting in operative substations, trainings, IEC 61850 top down specification and engineering process, development of IEC 61850 test equipment and tools.
From April 2018, Andrea works at Megger in Stockholm, as senior specialist in relay protection and IEC 61850 applications.
Andrea holds a patent in the area of IEC 61850 testing tools and algorithms.
Active member of the IEC TC 95/MT 4 since 2006, Andrea has been sub-group leader for the development of the IEC 60255-121 standard and has received the IEC 1906 Award in 2013.

Bas Mulder

Senior Consultant

Mr Mulder is working as an International Business Developer, Consultant and Project Manager in the field of IEC 61850 Substation Automation together with other IEC standards like IEC 60870-5 for substation to control centre communication and CIM (IEC 61968, 61970) for control centre applications.  Mr Mulder has gained expert knowledge of IEC 61850 by developing conformance test tools and performing conformance tests for many numerous suppliers of substation automation equipment. Next to conformance testing Mr Mulder performed several international training sessions for utilities and technology providers.

Jürgen Resch

Industry Manager Energy

Jürgen Resch  graduated from the HTBLA [Higher Technical School of Engineering] Saalfelden, Electrical Engineering Department. He started his career at the ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways] in the power plants division, where he was responsible for the execution of power plant automation projects. After this, he worked for Frequentis GmbH as a Product Manager for telecommunication equipment for railroads. Since 2003, Mr. Resch has been employed by COPA-DATA and occupies the role of Industry Manager Energy there. He manages a team that is responsible for product expansion and international sales in the energy sector. Mr. Resch is a member of the Technical Subcommittee MR 57 of the OVE [Austrian Electrotechnical Association] and a lector at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Eric Xu

Lead Simulation and Automation Engineer

Eric joined RTDS in 2009 after graduated from University of Manitoba with the Distinguished Award. Since joined, Eric has been involved in technical support, user training and GTNET component models development.

Eric is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Manitoba and a member of IEEE. He is also an active member of IEC Technical Committee 57 Working Group 10 which is the section working on the development of the communication standards for substations – functional architecture and general requirements.

Eric currently serves as the Lead Simulation and Automation Engineer in the protection and automation group.

Cláudio Manuel Silva

Lead Product Manager for Software and Systems

Cláudio Manuel Silva is currently a Lead Product Manager for Software and Systems within the Protection, Control and Automation division at Efacec. With over 10 years of background experience in R&D, he participated in different projects related with Power Systems PAC, with a strong focus in systems engineering and tool interoperability. He holds a BsC in Informatics Engineering (2005) from Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto and advanced courses in Computer Science. He is also an active participant in Cigré B5 Working Groups.


Alexey Anoshin

Technical Director

Alexey Anoshin has graduated with Master Degree from Protective Relaying Department of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Russian Federation) in 2008. Earlier in 2005 started his professional career as an Engineer in Switchgear Department at Tavrida Electric company. In 2011 became a Marketing manager at Profotech, where was responsible for optical instrument transformers marketing strategy. Since 2012 he has been a co-founder and Executive director at TEKVEL Ltd. He has been involved in development of several products with IEC 61850 support as well as design and commissioning of IEC 61850 communications including GOOSE and Sampled Values in pilot and production projects.

Andrew West

Technical Director
SUBNET Solutions

Andrew West is an electrical engineer who has worked with SCADA system software for over 35 years, primarily in electricity sector. His employers have included utilities, SCADA product vendors and system integrators. In recent years he has provided SCADA training and consulting and has performed control system cyber security assessments. He has been actively involved in the development of SCADA and power grid automation standards since 1996, including Chairing the DNP Technical Committee. He currently holds the position of Technical Director at SUBNET Solutions, a software company dedicated to making power grids intelligent, secure and reliable.

Dustin Tessier

Managing Director
Tesco Group

Dustin Tessier is the Managing Director for Tesco Group of companies, which is a turn-key substation provider that specializes in the engineering, construction and commissioning of protection, control and automation systems within the power system sector; with a focus on IEC 61850 based systems. Dustin was an early advocate for IEC 61850 during his days with a Canadian Utility, and eventually migrated to Siemens where he was involved in Australia’s first IEC 61850 substation applications.  Dustin has since moved back to Canada to assist in his family-based company, and has been involved with IEC 61850 on a global perspective since, including leadership roles and participation in a number of standards activities including: The Canadian Chair of the IEC Technical Committee 57, Canadian Chair of the IEC Smart Energy Systems Committee, Founder of the IEC 61850 University.com among others.

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