Conference Day Two | Thursday 18th October 2018


Registration and refreshments


Opening remarks from the Chair

Grégory Huon, Head of Engineering Governance at Elia & Group IEC 61850 Convenor at ENTSO-E


Cyber Security: Ensuring cyber security in the implementation of feature rich multi-vendor IEC 61850 systems that include GOOSE

  • Setting appropriate security requirements for vendors during the tendering process and implementing cyber security acceptance in digital substations – real life experiences
  • Vulnerability testing at FAT / SAT phase to evaluate security risks – is IEC 62351 enough?
  • Robustness tests of substation protocols such as IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104 – speaking the wrong language
  • Examining the top ten vulnerabilities in IEC 61850 based substations during FAT / SAT

Sebastian Krause, Group Leader Security Audits, GAI NetConsult

Peter Rümenapp, Manager – Amprion


Industrializing IEC 61850: Designing an interoperable system that will reduce routine engineering, commissioning and maintenance effort

  • Defining an automated engineering process for the configuration of the substation automation system
  • Using a third-party configuration tool to create multi-vendor CID and one-click configuration with the ICT
  • Ensuring effective integration of software systems to automate engineering processes
  • Enabling single data origin for the substation HMI and SCADA telecontrol systems
  • Verifying configuration files and management of firmware to assure correct SAS Performance
  • Implementing condition monitoring and ensuring easy replacement to reduce maintenance effort

David MacDonald, System Monitoring Lead Engineer – Iberdrola

Zigor Ojinaga, Industrialisation Project Leader – Iberdrola


Multi-Vendor Interoperability: Outlining the latest trial results for the design, deployment and operational control of an interoperable multi-vendor digital substation using IEC 61850

  • Examining the drivers for ensuring that new protection and automation solutions, based on IEC 61850-9-2 process bus standard are interoperable and suitable for established transmission networks
  • Ensuring interoperability with existing conventional systems to optimise asset replacement
  • Achieving interoperability with a mixture of protection and control equipment from different manufacturers at process and station bus as well as Substation Control System (SCS)
  • Achieving interoperability between mixture of technologies, conventional and digital
  • Assessing the reliability of IEC61850-9-3 Power Profile, Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Detailing the latest results of off line interoperability testing

Priyanka Mohapatra, Senior Project Manager – SP Energy Networks


Testing and Maintenance:  Outlining TNBR’s latest research into effective testing and maintenance of IEC 61850 based substation protection, automation and control systems

    • Outlining the projects covered in the system verification and simulation process in the TNB labs:
    • Functional and Interoperability Test for IEC 61850 compliant IEDs, SCADA Gateway, Station HMI and Proxy servers
    • Time Synchronization protocol accuracy and performance test
    • Comparing the relative benefits of developing in-house testing or working with a consultancy or integrator
    • Designing and testing process bus network architecture in the lab and in field trials
  • Mohd Iqbal Ridwan, Principal Researcher, Utility Automation – TNB Research Sdn Bhd

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition


Tool Interoperability Panel Discussion: Meeting the need for multi-edition multi-vendor interoperability for configuration and testing tools

  • Quantifying the impact that the lack of tool interoperability is having on maintenance efficiency
  • Ensuring that configuration tools can manage a hybrid environment, standardising SCL files
  • Reducing the need for multiple software programmes to configure one device
  • Testing multiple device systems effectively to reduce re-test requirements
  • Future proofing tools for IEC 61850 Editions 3 and 4

Bas Mulder, Senior Consultant – DNV GL
Jürgen Resch, Industry Manager Energy – COPA-DATA
Eric Xu, Lead Simulation and Automation Engineer – RTDS
Claudio Silva, Lead Product Manager – Software and Systems – Efacec
Alexey Anoshin, Technical Director – Tekvel


Lunch, networking and exhibition


Utility Maintenance Panel: Sharing experience on how utilities are addressing the on-going, practical challenges of managing and maintaining IEC 61850 networks

  • Comparing the relative benefits of using the vendor for IED maintenance
  • Addressing the practical challenges of managing the system upgrade and modification process when new devices are added to the network
  • Assessing the software tools available to assist with system modification
  • Determining how to effectively document the development of the substation: documenting SCL, IED configurations
  • Developing an effective documentation approval process
  • Maintaining and validating ongoing firmware revisions for IEC 61850
  • Making the case for centralised substation protection as opposed to it being distributed across all relay devices

René Troost, Specialist AM Network Intelligence – Stedin
Priyanka Mohapatra, Senior Project Manager – SP Energy Networks
Nikolay Ignatovski, Automation Engineer – Electricity System Operator


Beyond the Substation: Integrating IEC 61850 with data management systems and the CIM and extending its application to the control centre and beyond

  • Identifying the synergies between and 61850 and CIM and the drivers for integration beyond the substation
  • Addressing the specific challenges of achieving effective integration of IEC 61850 and CIM: examining areas of overlap and determining where each is most effective
  • Comparing the suitability of IEC 61850 for the control center environment with other protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP 3
  • Outlining the drivers for making data from IEC 61850 available enterprise wide to improve decision making, asset investment planning, operations and maintenance
  • Evaluating the suitability of IEC 61850-90-2 for control center integration and connecting the IEC 61850 substation data to the PI infrastructure
  • Evaluating the implications of 61850-90-2 for the substation, control center and data infrastructure

Anne van der Molen, Technology Officer – Stedin
René Troost, Specialist AM Network Intelligence – Stedin


Combining IEC 61850 with CIM: Evaluating results from two proof-of-concept and pilot projects

Case 1: Going down in voltage level: Increasing the efficiency of secondary substation monitoring using CIM and IEC 61850 engineering process

  • Utilizing CIM to populate SCL with network and component information for RTU and HMI
  • Secondary substation configuration in the field and automatic HMI configuration using auto-generated SCL from Network Information System database

Case 2:  Beyond the substation: Utilizing substation IEC 61850 data to drive predictive and remote maintenance in the wider enterprise

  • Supporting the information exchange between components at central level based on CIM and substation protocols
  • Enabling configuration and use of IEC 61850/CIM gateway to transfer data from substation automation systems to central systems

Anders Johnsson, Power System Specialist – Vattenfall Distribution Nordic


Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition


ENTSO-E Roadmap & OSMOSE Project:  Outlining ENTSO-E’s action plan and role in specifying IEC 61850 and the OSMOSE (Optimal System-Mix Of Flexibility Solutions for European electricity) Horizon 2020 project to enable the integration of renewables into a flexible smart grid

  • Outlining the aims of the OSMOSE Horizon 2020 project
  • Outlining the status of the global ENTSO-E profiling roadmap
  • Upgrading the ENTSO-E profile ensuring interoperability with a specific focus on storage devices
  • Developing an interoperability framework based on the IEC 61850 ENTSO-E requirements for the engineering process
  • Presenting the architecture of tools for profiling, specifying, comparing and configuring functionalities within an interoperable framework
  • Outlining timescales for practical end to end demonstrators of the interoperability framework for IEC 61850 engineering by manufacturer partners in OSMOSE

Grégory Huon, Head of Engineering Governance at Elia & Group IEC 61850 Convenor at ENTSO-E
Christoph Brunner, President of it4power & Convenor of IEC TC 57 WG10


IEC 61850 for DER Environments: Determining the optimum design and implementation of substation automation units for future active distribution grids

  • Examining the challenges faced by DSOs in managing the incremental growth of DERs connected to the grid
  • Making the case for developing a new framework for network automation, moving part of the grid control logics into the substation
  • Decentralising monitoring and control functionalities and bringing them near to the field in the Substation Automation Unit reduce complexity increasing the network controllability and system performance
  • Effectively ensuring cyber security in the integration of DER to the power grid
  • Outlining the current status of standardisation for IEC 61850 and DER integration

Abhinav Sadum, Research Associate – E.ON Energy Research Centre


Enabling DER Generators to Connect to the Grid: Developing a IEC61850 basic application profile to meet EU RfG (Requirements for Generators) and effectively integrate DER into the power grid    

  • Quantifying and addressing the challenge of monitoring and controlling growing DER resources such as wind, hydro power, solar panels, battery storage, now and as future smart grids evolve
  • Outlining the drivers for creating an IEC 61850 profile to control and monitor distributed energy resources
  • Detailing the use cases such as reducing load and predicting congestion
  • Overcoming the technical challenges of aligning infrastructure and data models
  • Determining the different IEC 61850 standards required

Sander Jansen, Data Architect – Alliander


Data Driven HMI Application: Reducing configuration time and cost through the implementation of a high functionality HMI application into a third generation substation automation system

  • Mapping out the range of functionalities incorporated into the third generation of substation automation with a focus on the data driven HMI applications
  • Evaluating when and how process bus and device management will be introduced
  • Determining how automatic configuration in minutes rather than months is being facilitated
  • Understanding the business benefits and cost savings being realised by the adoption of IEC 61850 into the overall grid modernisation programme
  • Ensuring that future standardisation work through the work of IEC 61850-6-2 (HMI) Task Force fully supports the data driven HMI application
  • Determining the overall specification and engineering process including additional file types as compared with that proposed by IEC 61850-6-2 (HMI) Task Force
  • Achieving open source open standard solutions to avoid single vendor lock in

Mehrdad Vahabi, Substation Automation Project Manager – Southern California Edison
Jeremy Califano, Engineering Manager – Southern California Edison
Duston Tessier, Managing Director & IEC 61850 Expert – Tesco Group


Closing remarks and end of conference

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