“Great for keeping up to date on IEC 1850 standards and real-world application issues.”
Manuel Pimenta, Senior Engineer – Con Edison

“A very useful time, open exchange of ideas and information. Excellent real-world presentations.”
Allan Wales, Distribution Systems Specialist – SP Energy Networks

“It was my first time visiting such a conference. We have been using IEC 61850 for some years in our company but this conference helps me better understand the issues and problems of IEC 61850.”
Leonard Zvorovski, Manager – Elektrilevi OÜ

“We really enjoy this conference in order to share our feedback, experience and questions, with the experts of IEC 61850 from all over the world. The network and the ideas coming from other experts will definitely help us for the future developments of DER Grid integration projects.”
Peng Li, Project Manager of SCADA and EE R&D Team – Engie Green

“For me the IEC 61850 is quite new. The workshop was very useful to get a better idea of what the IEC 61850 is and what it means. Different use cases that were presented gives me a good idea of the benefits and options.”
Hans Slootjes, Specialist – Stedin Netbeheer B.V.

“Great to hear experiences from other utilities, system integrators etc. Testing schedule for IEC 61850 roadmaps, information about IEC/ISO/CIR/NERC, standards and guidelines, different projects and possible partners.”
Igor Metz, Engineer – Elering AS

“Excellent way to catch up on what is happening in IEC 61850.”
Frank R. Goodman, SDG&E Team Lead – San Diego Gas & Electric Company

“Excellent opportunity to network in PACS related subject. Very close to implementation sharing of ideas that can contribute to the improvement of the standard, procedures, tools and equipment. Very useful to be updated with the latest TC57 WG10 developments and to refresh concepts through the workshop.”
Bruno Miguel Soares, Researcher, Substation of the Future – R&D Nester

“Comprehensive forum for the deployment of IEC 61850 with presence of nearly all stakeholders.”
Sepehr Sefidpour, Relay Specialist, Product Manager – Megger

“I particularly enjoyed the TSO/DSO projects and the PRP/HSR presentations.”
Alejandro Zarate Jotar, Engineer – Arteche

“Over multiple years IEC 61850 Europe conference has proven to be a very valuable meeting of minds, with a good mix of vendors and operators.”
Anton van der Burgt, Marketing Director – Xelas Energy

“Excellent possibility to extend the social network and to get valuable input about future relevant topics.”
Volker Gsaenger, System Manager – Siemens AG

“It’s the IEC 61850 family coming together to discuss the current topics on a professional level.”
Jürgen Resch, Industry Manager Energy – COPA-DATA

“Perfect event for meeting colleagues in the IEC 61850 world: vendors for IEDs, tools, test-sets, TSOs, DSOs, engineering companies and IEC group members. It was interesting to see and hear what others are working with and where the standard is moving. I hope to be able to participate next year.”
Anders Dahl Johnsen, Protection EngineerSiemens

“Cyber Security, case studies, PRP/HSR comparison, interoperability testing, vendor independent testing tools, standards review HMI standardisation.”
Zoltán Donka, Managing Director – Prolan Power Co.

“Well organised, enjoyed the discussions and opportunity to engage with the delegates. Subject matter and presentation content was 100% on target and met my objectives for attendance.”
Dean Ouellette, Manager, Protection & Automation – RTDS Technologies

“Good opportunity to speak with key users and providers of technology and to hear about their experiences (good and bad), their ideas and their wishes.”
Ernst van der Pols, Development Engineer Software – Dynniq Nederland B.V

“IEC 61850 Europe 2017 was a great forum to meet the IEC 61850 most important stakeholders and to know the trends and topics on which they are working. The presentations are a great way for the companies to share their experiences and start discussions on interesting topics. Last but not least, the exhibition area is a great networking forum and a good opportunity to know the work of the exhibition in further detail.”
Egoitz Alonso, ResearcherTecnalia Research & Innovation


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